The Internet Is Changing 2017

The Internet Is Changing, by now we all know one of the most important points to online success is the URL or domain name, something small or catchy, your brand or business name. However, the website coding and design also play a big role, you need to take this in to consideration because there are many mobile devices out there and you need to prepare your website for each one that exists to focus on the user friendly interface that every client/user should feel and receive.

Mobile versions of your website should highlight the most important aspects or tools of your website so users can easily find them, always remember that the screen is a lot smaller than a PC.

According to ComScore the number of mobile users has change from 400 million in 2007, to 1,900 million by 2016. This number means that we as website owners need to adapt our advertising, and our website coding to fulfill users expectations. We at DomainCart.com have been building and changing our website everyday little by little to reach a 100% compatible mobile/PC website.

With this is mind, there’s another thing we need to focus in too, and that is social media marketing. Connecting, building, and advertising in social media websites has never been more important than now. The amount of users in social media websites is huge now, and there’s no easier way of advertising to a user than by putting your ad directly in front of his/her eyes for a very low cost compared to traditional offline advertising.

You can control your social media campaign by advertising only to whomever is interested in your product or information, you can select from age, gender, country, state, city, or even time of day, interests or hobbies. This makes social media advertising very interesting and you can create marketing campaigns that directly fill your business needs.

Imagine what combining both technologies, mobile website coding with social media can do for your business… I will leave you this thought, hope you like my article about how the internet is changing, and as always feel free to contact me and ask any questions in my social media profiles @andreeochoa, thanks.

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