A tip to get online leads from your website

A lot of people usually ask me this question: How can I get leads from my website?

And my answer is:

It’s really simple! You don’t need to have a super duper killer expensive website.

The fact is that the internet changes so fast that as long as you have a simple straight to the point website its better, that’s why most companies out there are building straight to the point landing pages for each of their products. So if you for example sell auto insurance be positive and redesign your website make it simple! Remember that less is better.

Basically you need to put your offer out there with a good “call to” action such as a signup button, a subscribe to my email list form, or even a free quote form. It’s that simple!

What are the must have elements for a simple landing page? This is easy!

1.- Your company logo, make it clear to the user to identify your brand/company name

2.- A phone number and email address where they can contact you if possible 24/7, remember that the internet never sleeps.

3.- An image/banner describing your wonderful offer and starting price and why they need to buy from you.

4.- Your call to action: A subscription to your newsletter, a quote form or buy now link, or a signup form, the goal is to get their contact information so you can follow the lead and close the sale.

5.- More detailed information about your product encouraging the user to signup/click the button.

Remember that you need to make it impossible for the user to find a better offer! There’s no one else out there for the job better than you!

If you start researching your market you will see that a lot of companies are already doing this, so why aren’t you? You need to take the necessary steps now!

Now let me ask you a question if you were to start/create a website, what is the number one question you would have?

Please send your responses to: [email protected]

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