Relationships and social media

In the times of my parents and grand parents relationships used to last longer, and social media did not exist, one would meet another person, they would date and decide to marry and have a family that would last most of the time for ever. The bubble in which they lived was very limited to their communities.

Now, The bubble in which we are living is very big because of social media and in general the Internet, you can meet someone new almost everyday if that is something you would want or need.

However this is also a problem, everyday more and more people decide to separate because their options are very wide and are not limited anymore. And of course other factors are involved.

Some of the problems that arise with social networks are jealousy, distrust, and little or no communication by any of the parties in the relationship.

The options are so large and variable that people regularly do not know how to handle this, there is often an incomplete commitment of one of the parties which causes the problems of various types to begin.

In relationships as in business relationships we as entrepreneurs, managers, or sales reps are related to this phenomenon in the day to day of our work, our bubble now a days is very large, and we have so many options to attack our markets that managing so much information that we have often becomes difficult, in many situations we do not know what to do with it.

That’s why we have to segment all the information that comes to us, divide it into sections and adapt it to our markets or needs so that we can take action in each segment of information and attack our users and thus achieve a more effective sale. Whether on social networks or directly on our websites.

We can not attack our networks in general in the same way, we have to know how to decide our figure of behavior with each market segment to effectively achieve good goals and not fall into a divorce.

Hope you liked this article and as always feel free to shoot me any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them. You can find me on social media as @andreeochoa

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