How to buy doge coin

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This meme crypto has been up and down since it appear in the crypto world. Starting as a joke, but definitely growing in to one of the most stable cryptos out there with a 4% annual inflation rate which in average more or less equal to a countrys inflation rate. Doge coin makes a great asset in the long run.

I personally had great gains within the last month with doge coin price goin up from $0.0001 to $0.07. While most doge currency holders are still holding waiting for the price to go up to $1 dollar. I sold some doge coins at market price to get my investment back plus some gains while still holding coins in my wallet.

Doge coin stock has definitely been the best crypto investment I’ve made whiting the last year.

Doge coin has had the support of Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX, which has been a great influencer for DOGE. Elon’s tweets have been very helpful for this crypto currency and for it’s holders like my self. While focusing in the long run this type of support will make this crypto rocket to the moon! or at least thats what doge coin holders like my self are hoping to.

Buying Doge Coin

Buying doge coin is really easy! You will need to register at a crypto currency exchange that supports DOGE and BTC to make deposits, or if you want to buy with fiat currency (Dollars) the exchange will need to support Credit/Debit card deposits. I use hitbtc.com to make my crypto transactions the offer a really easy to use interface and make it easy and secure to process crypto deposits and withdrawals.

If you are already familiar with the cryptocurrency world and are a bitcoin holder or other crypto coin holder you’ll find that buying doge is easy! simply open an account at HitBTC transfer some money in, and exchange it to DOGE. Transferring money in is also very easy, once the account is open you can see your crypto deposit accounts in the wallet section of HitBTC. Or if you want to purchase with a debit or credit card you can simply use the checkout process at HitBTC to make the transaction, and once the funds are credited to your account you can make the exchange in to doge coin. Is that easy! then wait for it to go up, and cash out when you feel you earned enough money back!

The above is not investment advice and should not be consider like so. Hope my experience helps you out, and if you like this article please help out by sharing it to others. Like always thank you for reading!

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