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Hi, first of all I like to thank you for taking the time to follow my blog articles. I’ve gotten many great replies and comments.

One of the most frequent questions that people ask me and often find amazing is: How do you make money on the internet? Believe it or not this is something really simple once you master the process. It’s basically about two simple things.

1.- Have the right product for your market at a great CRAZY competitive price.
2.- Bring the right traffic to your website.

You’re probably wondering about how to get the right products, and that’s actually pretty easy too, like many other business people you don’t have to build/maintain your own products, you can either sell other great products out there or you can just refer customers to other people and let them worry about customer service, billing and other. This is mostly called affiliate marketing or referrals. There are many great affiliate programs out on the internet for you to sign up and get great commissions on it, it just like selling an insurance policy, but easier!

Today I’m going to introduce you to selling domain names on the internet or right in your office. We at Domain Cart have a great domain name reseller plan that allows you to sell domain names either to your existing customers and acquire new ones. As a note there’s also a practice called domain flipping which is basically reselling domains for a higher price.

What is a domain? A domain name is the name of your website for example: “” that would be our domain name.

Like other reseller plans there is a low annual fee of $90.99 dollars for the basic plan and $179.99 for the PRO plan. Both reseller plans enable you to sell domain names, as well as other products such as web hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, email services and a wide variety of technology services that most business already use in the present day.

Our basic reseller plans enables you to buy domain names from us at really low prices and sell them to your customer at the price you think it’s best, under your own BRAND, we have the best buy rates, support & value on the internet, and the best of all is that you never have to worry about customer support, we’ll do it all for you!

In fact you’ll even get your own online business portal for you to input orders or sell online. Our PRO reseller plan enables you to get lower and better buy rates enabling you to earn more revenue and put more money in to your pockets! There are no deposits, advances or revenue sharing, you set your prices, you decide your profits, and like I said before it features a pre-build fully customizable website, hosted in our world class data center. We also handle billing and customer support, you just sit back, relax! And wait for your commission to be deposited on your bank account!

Don’t want to sell online? Don’t worry offer domain names to your existing customers! Who wouldn’t want to own their personal name on the internet? I know I own it!

Think about it when a customer enters your business and you’re selling your products to that customer why not offer their, or their for an extra $10 to $30 dollars? It’s extra money for your pocket!

And the best of it is that you’ll be getting money on AUTO PILOT to your bank account every time that he/she renews the domain name, and you don’t have to do anything! Just close the first sale, and we’ll do the rest, we’ll even call your customer in your behalf to welcome him/her and explain or clear any dudes he/she may have.

To start earning money online from your home or business on auto pilot and to learn more details about how to resell domain names visit the following link:

And this is the way I personally make money on the internet, even during recession times!

14 thoughts on “Make money on the internet selling domain names”

  1. Domain resellers are a perfect example of the definition of the term reseller domains. Resellers are individuals or companies who act as agents for ICANN accredited registrars. They either sell for commission or to make a profit. Domain name resellers are companies or individuals selling their own domain names

  2. It is important that domain resellers are not confused with speculators. These speculators purchase many domain names with the intention of holding them and selling them at some future time for a high profit, where as reseller, by the very nature of their business are pretty much retailers.

  3. ICANN are the international body that regulates the domain industry and it requires accredited companies to have certain levels of assets. Once a company is an accredited provider, they have access to lower cost registrations

  4. When it comes to operating a reseller business the objective of promotion is twofold. On the one hand you want to get a bigger slice of the market by attracting new potential customers and on the other hand you want to retain the customers that have already opted for your services.

    Ever wondered how one can start a successful domain reselling business? It’s so easy I’ve even asked my kid sister to try it, a girl that hardly knows what being a domain reseller is let alone how to resell domains.

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