Earning Money With Parked Domain Names

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Earning money online with parked domain names is pretty easy, there are several companies that will give you a share of the money made by your domain name being parked at their servers. One of these companies and the one I use is Bodis.com which is pretty good and user friendly. Basically the way they work is that they will host your website for free at their servers using a predefined template that is usually optimized for ad traffic conversions.

These type of companies usually have their own traffic networks or are affiliated to serve ad traffic to larger advertising companies. The amount of money that you can earn from this type of business depends on how good your domain name is, and it will also vary depending on the amount of domains that you own or have setup with this type of business model.

A semi-good domain name will make any where from $20 – $30 dlls per month on auto pilot without you doing anything, so the math is pretty easy! if you happen to have 10 or 20 good domain names you could be earning $200 to $600 dlls a month on auto pilot, easy money online!!!

Of course it all falls back to how good your domain names are, but choosing good domain names is pretty easy it’s basically SEO 101 choose long keyword phrases with no more than 2 or 3 words preferably, however you can use more if you think is necessary.

You can start by registering a domain name at DomainCart.com a leading domain name registrar, after registration the only thing you have to do is to point your domain name DNS records to your ad company servers, which is done pretty easy at Domain Cart, it’s just a matter of a couple clicks here and there. After this is done you can just sit back and relax, and maybe enjoy a movie, or a Tequila shot on the beach like I do, LOL.

While this business does require you to make an investment in domain names, the return is pretty good and if the domain names don’t make that much in traffic you can always sell them and get your money back plus a couple hundred more! so you won’t loose your investment.

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