Social Media Marketing!

What’s the secret to social media marketing ? The secret is THERE IS NO SECRET!

Social media marketing is part of the “New Generation Web.” Some call it WEB 3.0, but I prefer to call it the new BOOM!

With this new social media marketing, you have the ability to interact with other people around the globe and bring your clients (and potential clients) closer to you! You know their needs and have the capability to provide, develop, or sell products or services that they buy. Whatever product you sell, I’m sure people are already buying it — insurance, a domain name, web hosting, cars, sports equipment or whatever! Someone buys something at some point in their life. However, these consumers most likely won’t buy from us if they don’t know us. You need to let people know that you exist! That you are here to serve them, to solve their needs, and help them get on the right path using the product(s) you’re selling. The “new” media is the fastest way to make that happen!

You’re probably asking: “How much will it cost me?“ Well guess what? Social media marketing is 100% FREE! “How do I sign up?” Just go to each and every social media website and register with them. It’s that easy! They will most likely ask you for your email address, name, website, phone, fax, and other personal information. Some is required, some is not, depending on the social media website. They all have different policies.

There are many social networks out there. Among the biggest — and those I would recommend — are Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, and Hi5. Which one is the best? They are all unique and have their own advantages. Twitter is about letting other people know what you’re up to 24/7. Facebook is more about networking with other people and spending time getting to know them. Right now, MySpace is a little bit more focused on music and artists, so if you have a music related website, you would want to look more closely here. Tagged and Hi5 are mostly for teens, but they also have lot of 18+ people registered, too.

How to get started on social media marketing ? After signing up to the sites you prefer, you need to post your information and update it every day, or at least 3 or 4 times a week. This is very important! IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMITMENT!

Start joining groups, talking to people, adding your friends, family, and other people who may be interested in your product, or just interested in being your friend. Eventually, questions about your product or services will start to pop up! And you will see your website visits go up. This is when you’ll know you’re doing good work.

And don’t ever, ever forget to post any special sales, discounts, or events you may have at your company. People need and want to know what you are doing.

So here’s my list of 10 must-do things for social media marketing

I hope they work for you as well as they have worked for me!

1.- Sign up. This is the first thing you need to do.

2.- Fill out all the information they ask you to, especially if you’re doing this for a company. Don’t miss anything.

3.- Post pictures about you, your company, and company staff.

4.- Invite other people to join you or follow you. This is very important, especially if you’re doing this to market your products or services on the Internet.

5.- Post your social network links in your website, blog, newsletter, or other media. You want to let people know you have presence here, there, and everywhere.

6.- Start posting comments about you, your company, your company specials, promotions, or other important news.

7.- Post interesting comments. Try to avoid the wacky stuff.

8.- Meet new people and start getting to know them. This will give you what you need to make decisions on your products or services, most commonly known as Market Research.

9.- Join groups and start interacting with people. If you say you’ll do X and Y, please do! X and Y, commitment, commitment, commitment! If you don’t follow through, people will not trust you, or will lose confidence in you, and will never buy your product or service from you.

10.- Last and the most important one; make a COMMITMENT TO IT. Don’t go long periods of time without updating your social media profile. People will forget about you really fast!

I invite everyone to comment on this article about social media marketing and let me know if it was of use to you. Also, don’t forget to add me to your social media profiles and remember to visit my company at http://domaincarts.com/ to view new pictures of our company model.

Also remember social media marketing is the new thing to do!

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