Twitter! Simple but still a phenomenon!

Twitter? Lots of people think twitter is a hard to use, hard to understand, hard to keep track, application and it’s in fact very easy and simple to use.

You can use it in many ways for example; to keep in contact with friends, customers, family, as your PR app., news app. and other. Simply post whats on your mind, what you are up to, what you’re doing or what ever you will be doing during your day, week, month, etc! Is that simple! No complications! no frustrations! no nothing.

What can go wrong?
The only thing that can go wrong is you not signing up for a twitter account, other than that nothing can go wrong!

How to get more followers?
This is simple too! give your twitter link to everyone you know. Friends, family, co-workers, possible clients, current customers, and also don’t forget to print it everywhere and I mean everywhere! in your website, street ads, web ads, E-flyers or news letters, flyers, business cards, blogs and in every printed media.

Should I follow people?
Definitely Yes! this is a must. When you follow people they will most likely follow you back so this is a great way to acquire followers too!

Does it take time to post?
It does take some time but believe me the juice is worth the squeeze! You probably want to get a palm, iphone 4 or other internet ready mobile device. Some will even have their own twitter application already installed from manufacturer.

I hope I’ve covered all of your dudes and questions, if not post your comment and I will review it and answer it asap. PS. Don’t forget to follow my company on twitter! and I hope you enjoy the video below.

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