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I was traveling through Santa Monica, California the other day just on party mode trying to meet new people and I noticed this drum setup which I thought it was very cool, I think it was for some king of concert or something, however it made me thought about profits for mobile websites or mobile enabled websites. May be it was the way they were setup or I don’t know but I got this feeling that a lot of big companies are trying to desperately to target mobile users to present their products and ultimately to sell to them.

But the issue here is that there’s still not enough websites with mobile technology, and the ones that are mobile ready are not really printing ads in their mobile styles. I mean, sure the lack of screen space is an issue, but can we be more creative and manage the ad printing in some sort of manner that we can benefit from mobile users too? whether we like it or not our websites are receiving mobile users every day! And we need to start taking in to consideration those users as well, very seriously!.

Event the latest google update made it very clear that your website needs to be mobile ready now in order to compete in mobile search rankings, meaning that if your website is not ready it will impact your search rankings now, and we will start loosing money.

As the mobile market rises we need be able to keep moving in the right direction and go where the flow is going, believe me you do not want to be against it! Any ways while I was enjoying a nice cold beer I realized that the life that I’m living is a dream and having an automatic income thank to the internet is very powerful cause it allows me to do things a lot of people would want.

However I do need to diversify, so I’m now starting to post to my blog only from my iphone or tablet and from various locations with internet access not necessarily using wifi but using my 3G service, why? well while a PC is still needed for some tasks I believe on being completely free and since that is the whole idea behind the internet or at least that’s how it started, I’m now trying to be 100% mobile by taking advantage of today’s technology.

I will let you know how this goes in a later post, however I don’t think it will be an issue… You see I want to experience the mobile versions of the websites I visit including my blog and company sites in order to discover the best way to profit from mobile versions of my sites. I think there’s no better way to feel what your customer feels when he visits your website than to walk on his own shoes.

Thank you for reading my article and if you think it is useful please share it with your friends.

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