Taking advantage of social header pictures to drive traffic to your website

Taking advantage of social header pictures can be really useful to drive traffic to your website and/or sales. The 3 key elements to a great header picture for social network websites like twitter, Facebook, and other membership sites are:

  1. A great picture and/or design that reflects your website, company image, and/or product or service that you are selling or will start to sell. It can be anything from a picture from the street, something you took with your phone to a great image done by a professional designer.
  2. A simple sentence that captures your public, something like “YOUR BUSINESS NAME has become the #1 tool to DO THIS and DO THAT for THAT”.
  3. A sentence with a simple call to action button like “Don’t miss our easy and cost effective services! ” and then the button to your website, will certainly do the trick. However if you just want to push your corporate image it can be something simple like your logo, your slogan, and a background image that reflects what or were you company is from.

For examples check out or twitter and Facebook header pictures at:

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