How to connect to clients using social media

connect to clients

Using social media to connect to clients is very simple, it’s no different than making calls, or sending emails. It’s just a matter of reaching out to the client and basically knocking on doors or in this case on social media profiles now a days called social media marketing. And this is not just for Facebook, it works on Twitter, Linked in, and others.

Connecting to clients is easy, first you have to be on the look for new potential clients, once you have identified those potential clients send them a personalized message to start the conversation, a little introduction is good, something like “Hi, My name is ‘Your Name’ I represent ‘Your Company’ we are a company dedicated to ‘Your Main Activity’ and I’d like to quote you on this and this services if this is OK with you. I’m sure we can work something out to beat any price”, now the client would most likely consider your option and if the pricing and rules of your service are right and is something the client needs he’ll buy from you. It’s like making any other sale, of course you have to be ready to take the order either online or by the phone, or just by chat to be able to close the sale at the moment the client agrees, however you can always meet with the client face to face and close the sale right there.

Profiling potential clients to connect to them is an easy task too, if you know your business you’ll be able to easily identify clients just by looking at their profiles and interests, however another easy way to do so is by investing little money in to ads, by building an online fan page in Facebook for your business or service and spending anywhere from $10 to $50 USD you’ll be able to target your potential clients and connect to them, once your ad reaches their attention and they like your fan page you can most likely contact them via a message and follow the lead. Plus you’ll gain followers to re-target them at a later time with renewals, specials, or other services.

As you can see by doing simple tasks, like reaching to clients with a simple message you can start closing sales online or acquire leads that you never had. Also remember this is something you don’t have to do your self, since it’s so easy you can always hire some one to be on social media doing this for you, while you concentrate on other important business tasks. Hope you like this article and please share it and/or like it that will really help me and my blog. Thank you very much for your time.

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