New SEO-friendly gTLDs? Let’s talk about it for a moment.

I was reading an article about this the other day so I thought I should address this with you. It wouldn’t hurt that you spend a little time doing some research about how the new gTLDs have fared in independent SEO/SEM studies specially for your specific business market whether you’re in to selling cars or insurance policies domain research could be just what you need to start getting more leads to your business. In independent tests between (traditional TLD) and www.example.keyword (new gTLD), there were generally more impressions for the new gTLD. The Cost Per Click, Total Clicks and Average Positions were comparable. Once on the landing page, the Page Views, Bounce Rate and Percentage of exit were all comparable.

Whether you choose a traditional domain like (.com or .net) or a new domain extension like (.cars or .insure), Google AdWords demonstrates no clear bias. When it comes to organic SEO results, keyword rich, relevant gTLDs do boost SEO rankings because they more accurately indicate what a business or cause is about. So if you’re in a specific business market you may want to rush and register a new domain name with your company name or service before some one else does.

Registering a new domain name can be very just go to ( and search for your new domain name with the hundreds of new gTLD extensions that just came out, to mention a few like .TAX, .INSURE, .ACCOUNTANT, .ASSOCIATES, .ESTATE, and many more.

Hope you like this fast article on new domain extensions and SEO. Like always please share this article and feel free to comment, I’d like to hear from you.


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