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Advertising, Social Relations, Branding and now Social Hiring! Social capital is becoming more and more important these days with the average employee changing work places once, twice or more times per year hiring has become a very important and difficult task now a days.

With many online social networks on the internet now this job has become more easier social networks such as linked in and Facebook are like living online resumes, by going to your candidates profile you can get an idea of who he is, his/her past and present, where they have worked, how much time they were employed, contact information, and many other details.

When haunting for candidates if you’re subscribed to your candidates feed you can get social notifications when he/she becomes available to get hired, or changes work places. These notifications are most likely to appear in your newsfeed in the case of Facebook.

In the case of candidate references, the shortcoming of traditional candidate references is that they are provided by the candidate, and any rational candidate will only provide the ones that are favorable to him/her.

Social networks can make reference checking more independent and more objective, instead of asking the candidate to supply them a recruiter can go to linked in and finds them himself. Recommendation for the candidate are usually posted on the candidates profile page, additionally a recruiter can search for mutual contacts, or the previous employer.

Online social networking is powerful not only because the recruiter can perform a due diligence on the candidate but because it offer bidirectional visibility and the candidate can also research the hiring manager and other employees to see who they might know who works there and reach out to learn more.

As you can see social media is very powerful for many aspects of your business not just sales, marketing or advertising but it can be used in many other infinite ways, it’s just a matter of putting a little time and effort in to it.

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