What to blog about?

A lot of people have asked what to blog about, and really this question is really simple!!! today I was seating in my office chair when I suddenly logged in to facebook and stared reading my timeline, comments, and notifications, after about an hour or a little bit less of being there I got to my messages and started reading them I saw that some of my friends from outside the city where in town and they have been messaging me for a while and so I noticed they were waiting for me at these restaurant called Cien Años were I started eating crocodile!!! can you believe it I mean I’ve never thought I was going to eat crocodile in my life! so anyways while I was eating crocodile seating next to a beautiful young women and drinking some strange drink waiting for another friend I came to the idea of writing about what I was doing at that exact moment of time.

See, blogging is not that hard. You can basically write about anything you come up with for as long as is something you can tell a story about. The three elements that you have to attack when blogging or posting in to social media are: Entertain, Educate, Empower.

You don’t have to exploit the three of them at the same time or in the same post/blog in fact it is better to exploit one per time or post. Why? well because you have to keep your audience wanting to learn more about you, your ideas, your comments and experiences and other secrets that you can teach them about.

Take for example this post, I am now seating at this restaurant were I’ve never been and I’m about to finish this article were I just told you the three basic things that you need to include when posting or blogging to your audience.

Hope you like todays article an please let me know and what you think. Your comments are really welcome and taken in to consideration.

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