Habits of highly effective websites

What are the habits of highly effective websites? Did you know most of in-store sales tart on the internet? The web is now influencing more than $1 TRILLIONS in-store sales, with the average user viewing more than 2750 websites per month how can you make your website stand out among all the competition? Become one of those highly effective websites.

Let your customers be in charge: start by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. How would you organize your website to make it easier to navigate and find everything quick and easy, is your business website already doing this? If not, I think it’s time you start listening to your customers.  A simple email asking your clients what they think about your website can do the job, believe or not listening to your customers can increase your customer’s loyalty making them to repeat business, increase sales and lower your support costs.

Give results to your customers: once you know what your customers want, identify what business outcomes you want to achieve. Compare what your customers want on your website to what your business needs, and make the appropriate changes to your website. This will enable you to achieve your business goals as a direct result of anticipating and delighting your customers.

Update your website consistently: Just like brand and message consistency, you need to have consistency across your site. So, this third habit starts with the results of Habits 1 and 2. Then you apply those results to your website on an ongoing basis, by doing so it will not just help you with users, but it will increase your search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Deliver value to your customers: Now that you’re on your way to meeting your visitors needs. The next thing you need to do is apply is to deepen the relationship. To create loyal, repeating visitors and customers, you need to create a reciprocal relationship with each en every person that visits your website. To do so you offer some value in exchange, for instance, you can deliver helpful content, provide newsletters with coupons, or maybe you offer them a free online tool.

Be honest about what is not working: Nobody likes failure and sometimes it’s just hard to handle, but if something is not working on your website either re-face it, remove it, move it, or archive it. There’s nothing worse than having content that does not work. Nothing bad will arise from changing your websites content, it either works or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t you can always go back to what you had or you can publish something new.

And finally always make sure to share your website updates on your social media profiles as well as newsletter and other media that you may publish, this will make your visitors return more often to your website. And will turn your website in to one of those highly effective websites.

Ps. Don’t forget to publish your website to online directories around the country/world, it’s always a very good way to get links and traffic to your website.

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