Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, sales?

With millions of mobile users, the U.S. is one of the largest mobile markets. The most remarkable statistic (according to ComScore’s) is the penetration of mobile applications, with these numbers there’s no dude that mobile marketing is one of the hottest channels available right now.

Growth is being driven by better data networks with unlimited data plans, consumer adoption of smart phones which make browsing the mobile Web easier and sometimes even faster.

So how what do you need to do to start marketing your business? Well it’s pretty easy!
You’ll need the following:

1.- A list of cellphone numbers: like email newsletters start gathering your clients, friends and co-workers cellular phone numbers, let them know they will be receiving short messages from you or your business so it doesn’t become SPAM.

2.- A bulk text message application: this can be easily build by any computer programmer, call you IT guy and ask him about this, or you can always count on me to help you out.

3.- A message gateway: A message gateway is the service provider that will deliver the text messages to your entire emails list, this usually has a monthly cost and depending on the service provider monthly fees can vary from $10 to $50 dollars a month, this also depends on the amount of phone numbers in your list.

So you have you software up and running now what??? Well now let’s format your message; it has to be a small detailed message about you or whatever it is that you want to advertise and it should include a link to your website or lead website, for example if you’re advertising insurance then you would do something like this:

Remember to save money
On your auto insurance policy
Click here to lean more:

Remember it has to be a short message and you have to have a short URL as well, for this, there are many URL shortners on the web and they provide a free service, one of them is what they do is that they’ll take your long URL for example and convert it to a short URL link like so when your users click on the link it will take them to your original URL and they will be able to view your advertisement or message.

Other forms of mobile web advertising are Google ads, yahoo ads, and other pay per click campaigns, but like regular pay per click campaigns it is costly, so if you’re not prepared to launch a big pay per click campaign I suggest you start with direct text message advertising and measure your traffic results.

Imagine the amount of people you can reach with this new advertising method!!! Start doing so, and be one of the first to do this, get ahead of your competence and close more sales and earn more money.

Hope you liked this article and remember you can always find me on Google by searching “Andree Ochoa” my website will most likely be on the first or second line and you can also add me to your social networks.

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