Mobile advertising and social media suggestions

On my last article I talked a little about mobile marketing, so today I will be talking more about mobile advertising and I’ll give you a couple suggestions for you to use on your social media experience.

So let’s get started. Apart from text messages there’s also other ways of advertising to mobile users, cost per click ads by Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Microsoft Adcenter and many other ad networks are also a great way of advertising to mobile users and there’s also ways to advertise completely for FREE using Google.

Google has many, many applications that you can use completely FREE, such applications like Google Places will help your customers find your business on Google Maps, after all remember millions of people search Google maps every day all over the world, you can use Google places to create a FREE listing and when potential customers search maps for local information or directions, they’ll find your business, your address, hours of operation, photos of your store front or products, it’s easy, FREE and you don’t need a website.

The sign up process is pretty easy, simply go to (http://places.google.com/business), if you already have a Google account such as a Gmail or other Google account you can just login and start using the application, if not click the (Sign up Now) link and follow the process, it’s pretty easy and it’s free! You’ll have to confirm your business information via your phone number or via a letter that Google will send to your business address. I have many clients that have gotten new customers through local search campaigns and believe me! It’s worth it. As always if you need any help on this or other internet subjects don’t hesitate to contact me via email, FB, Linked In or directly on this website.

Now here’s my list of 5 suggestions for your social media experience:

1. – Don’t wait for customers to come to you! Go and get them!!! A simple private message introducing your self’s and your business will make the trick for the first contact.

2. – Engage with others: update your status daily, talk to other users, provide tips and tools, answer questions, and upload and download pictures and videos relevant to your business.

3. – Take advantage of groups: Network and join conversations, have in mind that if a group has 2,000 users then you have 2,000 potential customers.

4. – Consistently create and distribute content that is important to you, your business and your followers, friends or customers.

5. – Notifications: Try and stay connected at least during your work hours, email, text messages, via mobile web, or using a PC, it doesn’t matter how! Just be there!

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