From India to Insurance .IN Domain Is The Right Way To Go

The .IN Domain Name Is The Right Domain For Your Business Internet Marketing

The .IN Domain the official country code for India can also be registered by anyone in the world specially those in the insurance business, use it as your brand, as your commercial domain or just forward it to your main internet address. For example let’s say your business name is Blue Financial then I would recommend you to register or if your business name is Blue Insurance then you could register and use it as your internet brand, tell each and every customer that now you have your own insurance domain name and start making money on the internet.

If you already have a website you can register your new domain name and just forward it to your old one this means that when customers enter your new domain BLUE.IN it will automatically go to your old domain BLUE.COM or whatever domain you may already have, most registrars offer forwarding services for free when you register a domain name with them, below are some registrars that do offer free forwarding:


So if you don’t have your .IN domain name what are you waiting for? Why wait get it before someone else gets your company name or your PRODUCT KEYWORD why not register Take advantage of this opportunity and start getting more and more traffic to your website. Remember it has to be an easy to remember domain name something like your business name or how people know you or your business.

Registration price range goes from $6.99 to $34.99 per year depending on the registrar and off course Domain Carts is the less expensive one.

So you now have your .IN domain name, what should you do now? Well it’s easy!

1.    Forward your newly register domain name to your old one using your registrars control panel or build a new website for it.
2.    Submit your URL to google using this link
3.    Submit your URL to Yahoo
4.    Market your new domain name: print it in all your paper work, banners, business cards and other printed media.
5.    Send an email to all your customers letting them know that you now have a new domain name that is easy to remember and that personalized to your business (Remember .IN as Insurance)

Remember that the .IN domain TLD extension is practically new, so most keywords should be available for you to register, so hurry!

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