The TEN Don’t’s for good SEO results

Everyone talks about what you need to do for good, effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They will say you need to do this or that, but they don’t tell you what you should avoid in order to have successful SEO results for your website.

I’m pretty sure every article you have read advised you to do your keywords, titles, meta tags, H1s, H2s, and H3s, but how come no one ever tells you what not to do in order to have good SEO results. Why not strike a balance? What is the big secret?

Well, here’s my list of the ten “don’ts” for good SEO results. Avoid these at all costs.

1. Avoid putting more than ten words on your web page titles.
2. Your website description should not be greater than 150 characters, and don’t use the same tag on all pages of your website.
3. Avoid putting more than 200 characters on your web page keywords tag
4. Don’t try to use unrelated keyword-rich titles for your web pages. In other words only use content related titles.
5. Don’t submit your site to a search engine more than once every six months. You will get banned from major search engines for this practice.
6. Don’t use keyword related domain names pointed to the root of your site if you already have a main domain name. Instead use the domain forwarding service from your current domain registrar.
7. Avoid using the robot revisit tag. This will only stop the search robots from re-visiting your website daily or whenever they need or want to. Search engines return when they feel they need to, so just avoid this and you will be fine.
8. Try not to use frames or iframes. Search bots won’t read whatever content you have inside. Always try another option first.
9. Don’t submit your website to low quality, low ranked directories or link exchanges with low ranked websites. If you do submit to directories or do any link exchange with any website, try to do it only with hi ranked webs. This will help improve your ranking, and it’s like getting a good recommendation from another person.
10. Always avoid link farms. Link farms are websites that don’t have any useful content, only links to other websites and are considered by many major search engines to be a type of SPAM. You will get punished for this practice and you can end up being banned from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others, making you work harder to bring your search rank up.

Try practicing these suggestions and I’m sure you will do well. Additionally, I’ll post an article here in my blog on additional tips for good SEO results. I hope my advice works for you, and I’d like to hear what you have to say. Free to comment or ask about anything and I will try to answer ASAP.

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