Social Marketing Vs Normal Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Building an insurance website, or any website for that matter, is difficult. Now imagine having to promote and market it along with all the other things you do as an agency owner. My hope here is to teach you a little bit of what that entails.

There are many methods to market your website through the Internet — blogs, e-commerce, etc. Typically, the point of normal SEM is to develop relevant targeted back links to your website or to specific parts of your website. This will help you gain rank on the search engines and bring more traffic to your site.

Many SEM methods include directory submissions, one way link building, social bookmarking, social websites, and forum postings. Quality link building is helpful and it’s not to be ignored. In many cases, especially in less competitive or tight niches, it can be very effective and is often all that is needed to rank a site well.

Big insurance entities like Geico and Progressive have the same issues. The difference is they can hire experts to take care of the e-marketing of their site. You are likely on your own. Either you dedicate the time to learn how e-market effectively, which will pull you away from your everyday responsibilities, or hire a professional. The problem is how to find the right professional that will deliver on their promises and help you understand the process.

Social Marketing

Social marketing campaigns are different from search engine marketing campaigns, although there can often be small crossovers. A social marketing campaign is much more focused on generating sales leads, brand awareness, and meeting the targeted marketplace in its own home.

A social marketing campaign will still develop good quality back links to your site and are generally of much higher quality in both their makeup. They can also require a significant amount of planning and preparation.

Social marketing campaigns take advantage of prime and highly focused Web 2.0 properties and business networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. The point of a good social marketing campaign is not to specifically develop back links but to develop either brand or business awareness in a defined market place where the products or services you or your company supply will or could be in demand.

This is a process that also takes time and dedication and you could better off hiring somebody that knows what they’re doing rather than wasting your time guessing. But whatever you decide to do, get it done!

The Internet offers you as an agent the opportunity to effectively compete with the big guys. But you better have a plan, an intuitive website, and be ready to market yourself through the search engines and social networks.

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