Really engaging with customers in social networks

Engaging with customers has now been made easy by social networks, however a lot of people find that Facebook isn’t successful for their businesses and I’m sorry to hear such stories, but the true is that most of the time they are doing something wrong!

Most business owners usually just bomb their followers and friends with special deals, discounts or sort of advertising and it’s usually annoying for the user to only see advertisements, I’m not telling you not to do it I’m just suggesting to change the way to do it.

Really engage and create a relationship with your prospect/customer/friend or follower depending what the case is.

It’s better to make the customer feel that it’s a real person behind that post than to just seem like a computer robot posting ads in to your feed, take a look at the two examples below.

Example post 1

Custom Facebook fan pages for less than $1 a day at   http://www.andreeandassociates.com

Example post 2

I got so tired today building a custom Facebook fan page for a customer but we managed to get it out cause it was urgent.

How was your day?

By the way if you’re interested in a custom fan page take a look at our website it’s less than $1 a day.


In example 1 you’re just telling the customer you have a special offer, while in example 2 you’re engaging in conversation with your customer by telling them how your day went, you’re also making them answer you by asking how their day was, while still managing to tell them about your special offer and to go and visit your website if interested.

And this applies to all social networks not just Facebook or twitter, it also works for Linked in, MySpace, Hi5, MSN and pretty much everywhere! Not just in the internet but in real life too, this is basic networking, it’s little details like this that will make you perform better in social media.

Hope you like this month’s tip, If you like to read more internet marketing tips by me please keep browsing my blog.

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