NeuCoin is the new virtual currency out here and is earning potential each day it passes, focused in micro-payments  its price is more than some other virtual currencies such as DOGE which is worth a lot less than this barely new coin.

NeuCoin is offering great potential for gaming apps, instant money transfers, other uses, and is promising easy of use for normal non-IT related users. NeuCoin also has an investment program called Growth Accounts that promises different ROI for different time frames, but the most promising is 1600% return for a 5 year time frame.

Now how much will NeuCoin be worth in the next 5 years? we don’t know, however there’s a very good chance NeuCoin exchange can reach 1NEU x 1USDOLLAR which will turn a lot of people in to billionaires over night, the one dollar mark actually sounds very possible. So the time for investing in this new virtual currency is now while it is still low cost and barely emerging in this non-stop technology world.

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