Making money with ad supported WIFI networks

ad supported WiFi

After trying to become a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), building the wireless network a buying the technology needed to provide the internet service, I have decided to give it out for free! Yes for free, so users can connect with any WIFI enable device.

However while being free to users I decided to signup with an ad network called Socifi, you only need to setup a captive portal in your network router which I did by purchasing a router software license form Mikrotik and then used the setup guide provided by Socifi.

I used an old pentium 4 computer with 1GB ram and 10GB hard drive, with two network cards. After setting up the router which took me around 30 minutes I just opened my WIFI network with out any security, and I started making money out of my WIFI within the same day. The ROI so far isn’t that bad, it’s been online for 2 weeks now and it keeps on earning more money little by little as it gets discovered.

I’m using external access points from TP-Link to expand the network, so far we’re covering a range of around six blocks and thinking of expanding to at least 10 withing the next couple of months. Here’s a link to the WIFI map where the APs are located.

Let’s see what the ROI is within the next few weeks to see if this is a good business model. Just thought I should share this with you.

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