Using pictures without copyrights on your website

pictures without copyrights

There’s no doubt that the use of pictures without copyrights in your website is a matter of importance. I’d known many website/business owners that have had strong legal issues regarding the use of copyrighted material.

The use of copyrighted videos and pictures can bring you losses of large amounts of money in legal settlements, so it’s always better to use pictures and/or videos of public domain or free stock photos. There are many websites on the internet that can give you stock photos for free with some usage license or common rights.

However the best way to get pictures is to take your own, yes! taking your own pictures is the best way to go, now a days with technology and smartphones taking pictures for your website is pretty easy. Almost any smartphone now can take great pictures that you can use in your e-commerce or company/business website. Think about it, if you’re a socially active person sharing pictures, sharing videos, comments, or other social activity you are most likely already taking a lot of pictures you can use on your websites or publications.

Taking pictures of objects while you’re on the road, traveling or in your own city could be the best way for you to acquire the pictures you need and the best is that you will hold the authorship of the pictures leaving you out of all legal issues. It’s just a matter of making it a daily task to take pictures, and soon enough you will have more pictures than you can handle to use in your websites or blogs.

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