Making money with adsense and Youtube

For the pasts months, my assistant and I have been making money with adsense and Youtube, how or why?

Well it’s pretty easy, you just need to register on Youtube and start building a channel about a certain interest, this can be and is not limited to the internet marketing like us, about red apples, about shoes, about cooking, or about insurance. Your Youtube channel can be about anything you want or know about.

Once you have your channel registered, you need to start building and/or doing videos about your interest and start uploading them in to you Youtube channel, it is very important that the videos you upload are your own, meaning you recorded them or you have the copyrights or permission to post them, or else you run the risk of getting banned from youtube.

Once you have videos on your channel you wanna register at Google Adsense and after this is done you want to link both accounts your Youtube account and your adsense account, once this is done you wanna start monetizing your videos at youtube, and you will get paid for all clicks made via your channel.

To register with Adsense you will need a valid email address, a valid Bank account, and you will need to validate your address and bank account, Google will guide you through all the easy steps. Google will make you a wire transfer to you bank account once a $100 dollar advertising revenue has been reach, in other words if you earn $40 USD in one month you will not get paid until next month or until the $100 dollar goal is reached.

My advice will be to add as many videos as you can with valuable content in them and you can also search for high interesting news or gossip that people are talking and make a video about it, this will not only bring you traffic but it will convert that traffic in to advertising revenue.

As you can see this is a very short but informative blog post for the month of January 2013, if you any comments on how to accomplish more and make more money online please feel free to ask me via the contact form on the top of this website.

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