How to use Google Glass to make money online

Google Glass

Everyone is now talking about google glass, this great but expensive product is still in it’s early stages I would say. Almost no one has access to this product and Google hasn’t give any signs of when it will be available to the general public.

There has been some etiquette issues around the world with people complaining about others using glass as well as some security and privacy concerns.

However I think google glass has a lot to offer, for example you can use it to stay on top of your website sales, tack inventory and be always informed about whats going on with your website and continue making money online while on the go, another great way to use it if you’re a blogger is to be always informed of whats going on around the world in the news or hot trends on the internet so you can blog about it and bring more traffic in to your website ending up in making more revenue from your product referrals and/or advertising.

With the glass project becoming more and more advance and knowing that you can build apps on to it another great way to earn money from it would be to build an app for your business and distribute and sell the app online for a couple dollars, with millions of users downloading app from the app stores it would be a great source for a passive income and you could have large amounts of income online while relaxing on your couch.

And of course besides the traditional internet browsing and email checking which help us make money online and are among our everyday needs I think google glass has a lot of potential and can drive us to a new era of internet browsing.

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