How to accept credit cards on your website

Accepting credit cards on your website could be an issue for many online professionals, e-stores, associations, companies or small businesses. The issue comes with all the required paper work you need to submit in order for online payment companies to approve your business.

However setting up online payment systems can be pretty easy, there are companies like Paypal that offer an easy approval system as well as a pretty reliable service and low commission and transfer fees especially for U.S. based customers.

Paypal also offers service in various countries around the world, it is really important to setup an account within your country to make the approval easier.

There are also other online payment systems like OkPay which allow you to also accept credit cards in your website as well as e-currencies like bitcoin, doge coin, lite coin, and others. Their setup process is also pretty easy and approvals only require a picture ID, proof of address and of course email verification.

In either company, setup in your website is pretty easy, basically a matter of copying and pasting a little bit of code in to your website, both companies offer payment, subscription, and checkout buttons with no need for you to know any computer coding.

So as you can see accepting online payments in your website it’s now easier than ever! Hope you liked this article and please share it if you think it could be of any help to your friends and/or family.

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