Google algorithm update 2014

For the last couple of weeks at the firm we have been aware of many search updates and we can tell because we manage various websites of our own as well as for clients, it has been crazy lately, however some of our sites have gone up and then down exponentially from one night to another, one of our website even dropped from a page rank 3 to a page rank CERO in a day! there’s no doubt that Google is doing something but they need to get it right on all of our websites we noticed a slight increase of traffic before coming down to the floor.

This Google algorithm update has now affected not only our sales but the sales from many of our clients, needless to say these last couple of updates are not helping much. With all the page layout updates from Google and adding other updates such as panda and penguin it’s been very hard to stay on top of everything, however the solution to always have a good page rank is easy just make interesting content that is both user relevant and user friendly, avoid filling up the website with much real state ads that can distract the user from the real content, remember that the internet was created as a source of open information for everyone a free world as some people would call it.

And that is exactly what the new Google algorithm update is trying to accomplish, Google’s goal from my point of view is to provide their users with the best information possible, how?, by indexing, classifying and ranking websites and the information in them.

The issue now is that is now harder for users, companies and general website owners to stay on top of all these updates and is becoming more costly to maintain a good working website and is not cost effective for many businesses out there, specially if the website does not bring any leads and or sales to the business.

Let me know what your comments are, I’m always happy to read your opinions.

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