What is internet marketing?

When I first started my web business, I thought that I was going to make millions just by putting up a web page, well I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!! It takes really hard work to build a successful website.

So I started my first website and as months passed I did not knew what internet marketing was, I was only spending money without making any! Wow that was frustrating! I was paying expensive ads in blogs, street advertising, and other media. And well it was working out, but the results I was getting weren’t the best. So I began my search for more effective ways of Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is also referred to as web marketing, online marketing, or e-Marketing and it’s basically everything that has to do with the marketing of products and/or services over the internet.

Effective ways of internet marketing varies upon your business or product that you are selling, will be selling, or plan on selling.

While I’m sure there are many ways of internet marketing strategies, below is a list of effective internet marketing that has gotten me the best results.

1.- Social media also called Social networking sites, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My space and other.
2.- Effectively researched website keywords in websites
3.- Search engine marketing SEM (CPC, PPC, PPI, etc.)
4.- Search engine optimization SEO
5.- Banner ads on specific targeted websites
6.- E-mail Marketing (very important)

I can tell you that out of these six marketing strategies what has given me the best results has been social media sites. I hope this information has been useful and don’t forget to comment and ask questions, I wil be more than happy to assist you.