Native Fashion Event 2017

Earning money online has not just allowed me to spend time with my family and loved ones, but it has also given me the chance to expand my horizons and make more business on different areas and industries.

On April 27th 2017, we presented five different fashion designers in Tijuana, Mexico, in an event called Native Fashion. The event was a total success! we filled one of the most elegant restaurants in Tijuana, MX with more than three hundred people. It was crazy! people were standing, waiters came and go, from one place to another, models male and females were walking on the runway continuously, music, drinks, food and glamour filled the night.

We had so much media coverage from local magazines, TV channels, local newspapers, and local and international freelance photographers, it was just awesome. With the presence of three national beauty queens, a local magazine editor and chief, and many other personalities the ambient felt great. Definitely something I will keep experiencing in the future.

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Andree Ochoa

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